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Thread: Outlook 2007/Forcefield Conflict Report and Workaround

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    Default Outlook 2007/Forcefield Conflict Report and Workaround

    I recently installed ZAX and was very satisfied with the results until I went to access my Gmail via Outlook (using IMAP, not POP btw). I would click on my Outlook icon, the splash screen would initialize and then the window would close. Thought it might be a program rights issue (esp. since I have Business Contact Manager installed too) so I tried to remove it from the program list and restart as suggested on other forums. No dice. Enabled component control to see if something popped up there. Nada. Thought it might be the email filtering so I turned it all off - no joy. Finally thought: what's different bet. ZASS and ZAX? Forcefield! Turned it off - presto, Outlook loads!!! Then I did some more testing. Seems the issue is with the virtualization. I turned FF back on and Outlook loaded fine until I opened a Firefox with FF on. Then Outlook closed itself. Couldn't get it to reopen so I cleared the virtual data. Presto again. I then discovered I can keep Outlook running as long as I open an unprotected browser if I want to surf the net. Kind of a bummer, but do-able since I like managing my email better thru Gmail than Outlook, but since I use BCM for my current "job search project" it is more convenient to use Outlook when I am on task with that. Hope someone can help me understand if there is something I need to configure differently, or if ZA will fix this situation in future versions. Happy to provide any and all details necessary to contribute to a fix vs. workaround . . . Thanks!

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    Hi!since ZA staff does not monitor this board, it is important you report directly to them via the live chat.Explain the issue (conflict) and the workaround so they can escalate the issue to development for a possible fix in the next version.It may be related to a combination of software installed and not just Outlook and IMAP since as far as I can see you are the first one to report this issue. There should be far more usersreporting it ifthis was a generalised issue with IMAP and outlook. So I would be careful to draw easy conclusions.For example, I am using ZAX and Outlook 2007, I have set up an IMAP gmail, opening/closing IE...etc... and I can't replicate your issue. It works perfectly fine.Cheers,Fax

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    Good points and thanks for the re-direct! I will pass it along and report back when/if they have any ideas so we all stay in the loop.

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