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    johna Guest

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    Yes, I've had problems with the system freezing using version 153 when starting a protected browser
    - I went back to the previous version.
    I tried everything but could not identify a solution.
    Unfortunately, it looks like I'm in the minority so I figured my best bet was to wait for the next version before upgrading.
    -- John

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    Charles_B Guest

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    JohnA, Could you tell us what all security software your currently running at the same time with ForceField.

    You made reference to GD and Kaspersky IS in other threads.

    Just to make sure if this what they are. G DATA AntiVirus and Kaspersky Internet Security.

    You also mention that ForceField :"Slows down the Browser and a certain amount of Resources are also needed to run FF.. "

    Could you state your system hardware, OS. etc... It would help to know what's running with ForceField.

    Have a nice Day

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