This forum relates to non-technical questions regarding the Identity Protection Center and identity protection services, introduced with ZoneAlarm Pro and Internet Security Suite 6.5.

1) Where do I post ID Lock questions?

For technical issues or questions, please post in the MailSafe, Privacy and Web Filtering forum.

2) What is the Identity Protection Center?

The Identity Protection Center is a website with information and tools to help you protect yourself from identity theft, discover if it has occurred, and recover as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Purchase or upgrade to ZoneAlarm Pro or Internet Security Suite 6.5 includes free identity theft protection services for customers based in the United States.

Most of the information on the Identity Protection Center relates to people living in, or formerly living in, the US. If you live outside the U.S. it would be great if you post links to identity theft-related sites for your country or language.

3) Where can I get more information about the services?

There is a complete FAQ posted on the ZoneAlarm Identity Protection Center.

4) How can I send feedback to Zone?
If you have general feedback about the information you see on the Center or services we're providing through our partner, please tell us. For specific questions or problems, please use this forum.

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Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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