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    Who can advise me on anonymizer, or other top rated IP protection, without the middle party using my messages.Thanks,P.

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    What is the context? Do you want to hide your IP address from the destination? Do you want to ensure encrypted data end to end?

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    A little late but never to late.As I'm buying on site's, sometime's going auction site's, etc..... I look to protect me as much as possible against phishing, mlaware activities, etc... If I can make it that my Ip address do not give the country and the town where I'm living (Belgium), that's one step more to self protection.Surely it's not enough, but I think it helps. At the moment I'm using What you think about? are there better options??? What you meaning by encrypting ( like PGP?)Thanks for you answer, and I'm apolgising to react so late.Bluesquare
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