Recently I decided to use myVAULT
as part of the Identity Protection feature of ZA Pro. However, this feature seems to be 'corrupted'.
The field(s) provided for data are either too small or parts of them are 'ghosted' out.
For example, the Credit Card fields will only accept 12 numbers and the last field contains a series of vertical lines and is inaccessible.
Since my product is due for renewal in 6 days, I would like this cleared up.
Since I also haven't used this feature since my last renewal, I have no idea whether this problem has been there from the beginning or if it only appeared following an update.
Either way, since I have already paid for the software, I expect it's features to be at least functional without me having to PAY again to be told why they don't. A response would be appreciated before I have to make a decision on whether I will renew my subscription or not.
Thank you.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro