Zone Labs promises Id info control and 1 year free Identity Guard service. I own a licensed copy of ZAP, and initially tried the "Identity Protection Center" which is really just an Identity Guard sales page, and insists on $15/mo to activate the service.
I later found some instructions at which looked encouraging, but after supposedly 'confirming my identity" with a lot of personal identification information, having nothing to do with identity protection (rather than just my ZAP lic.#). The last straw was that they insist on my giving them my credit card information (again for a 'free' service), all of which is completely unnecessary and inconsistent with the supposed Zone Labs mission of educating clients to be careful with their personal information. Trust should not be built on violating basic security principles.
At best, I can imagine the ID Guard procedure is a ploy to make it easy to trick or buttonhole folk into an unexpected 'subscription' at the end of the free year; at worst it is a trick to get credit card information for fraudulent use.
Recommendation: Get rid of the sticky mess. It is intimidating, counter-productive, and does not promote trust.
If I were designing the ZAP ID protection system, I would have an up-front description and justification of the requirements for revealing personal information. The program would explain that during setup, and to activate the ZAP ID Protection, no personal information would leave my machine, but that I would have to enter all the private data I wish to protect (all my credit card #s, SSN, passwords, etc.), which would be heavily encrypted in a local file. After setup, it would be continually and securely compared with the all outgoing data streams. Any match found in the outgoing stream would trigger an alert much like that of an incoming virus or spy-ware, without revealing my personal information, and presumably require me (or the hacker) to provide my 'secure info release' password, before allowing the data to leave or to display.
The 1 year protection service secure account would be provided first, based on the ZAP license, and only within that account would I need to provide the information to be protected (never for the convenience of marketing). They would get my CC info only once they had a legitimate need (maybe next year).

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro