Each Windows operating system has different key components and processes. Based on which Windows version you have, and which services and software you have installed, you may see different processes asking for Access rights or Server rights.

If a process you don't recognize is asking for access, and you don't know what the process is, your first step should be to get more information about that process. Microsoft includes many articles in their online Knowledgebase, and searching for the process there is a good first step. Simply point your browser to :


Click on the option to search the Knowledgebase. Then select your Windows version, enter the process name, and then click Go. A good example might be the Generic Host process in Windows XP -select Windows XP as the product, and type in "SVCHOST", and click Go.

Another good method is to search at a major search engine, such as


You may want to include your operating system (i.e. "Windows XP"), and in some cases you might include the port number (i.e. "port 1025") when using search engines. Including the port number may help you determine if a Trojan has infected your system, as most of them have a "default" port.

Be aware that Trojan and Virus writerstry to trick you into running them (to infect your machine) or into allowing them access (often they will use the name of a common program or Windows process, such as "Explorer"). Often you will need to do some investigation in order to determine if it is a legitimate process or not.

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