When requesting help from others, it is best to give as much information as possible to begin with. Some things to keep in mind:

1) Responses are often specific to a version. If you include your software version in your post, you will get more applicable responses, and fewer responses that may not apply to your specific case/version.

2) Others may know of specific issues within a specific version. If there is a known issue, a workaround, or a newer version that resolves the issue, you are more likely to receive that helpful information.

3) Version information can be found on the Configure Panel (version 2.x), or on the Overview -> Product Info tab (version 3.x).

4) Include your Operating System when possible. Sometimes issues are specific to the operating system.

Be sure to give exact error messages, alerts, and steps taken already to troubleshoot. Did anything happen right before the problem started? Was anything upgraded (ZA, Windows, other software)? Do you run any other security software alongside ZA?

Remember - The better the information you give to begin with, the better the information you will receive in return! And please rate the helpfulness of messages whenever possible.

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