Suggestions for posting a problem
The purpose in posting a problem is to receive help so you may improve upon your computing situation. Someone has to read and interpret what you have written then apply it against a long list of possibly fixes. Help the forum by gathering all the facts; use proper nomenclature and technical terms. If your problem is with the ZA->firewall->zones tab refer to it in that manner. Consult with the ZA help system to further your knowledge. The ZA help button is located in the upper right. Do as much looking as you can search Microsoft articles if your question may includes some area of the OS. When you have looked at the local level, consulted with other saved material and performed basic tests check ZA online. If you can get to the ZA user community forum look around for other like questions you have. Do a search by going to the bottom left of the page and enter a phrase to search upon. Many times an answer will be found quickly that way. When all else fails and you got to post try to do your very best to help describe your problem.
Use note pad to define your problem, write in clear concise words it does not have to be long but clear. Define the conditions, tell how it began. Tell the steps you went through to remove the current copy and how did you load the new copy of software. Many times when a problem is written out clearly the answer is apparent; at the very least an area of concern will pop to mind.

When posting the problem please be sure to use the drop down boxes in the lower left that describe product name, operating system and software version. Include the communications service you have such as DSL, cable or dialup. This will really help to provide an answer to your problem

By using the approach above you will become more confident in solving your own problems and in turn may free many hours of forum interaction. When we move into the circle of systems support by installing firewalls, software and even computers our problem solving skills are pushed to the limit.
I hope this helps to reduce the forum load and remember, if you don ?t have a copy of ZAP, its only a couple of clicks away to get one.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:3.7

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