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    Exclamation "License Key issues"

    ** NEVER post any license key publicly **

    1) If you purchased a copy from another person, or off an eBay or other auction, you may have an illegal copy. Contact Customer Support.

    2) If your license shows up as "unlimited", then it is an illegally generated key. Contact Customer Support.

    3) If you purchased a Broderbund boxed version, ONLY Broderbund has access to your license key. You must register with Broderbund to get your license key. Contact Broderbund.

    4) If your license key is expired, it will NOT work with newer versions. You will need to renew (see link below).

    5) Router - If your license key is a "Gateway" key (such as Linksys Gateway key), that key can ONLY go into the router, which then gives the key to ZAP.

    6) Router - If your license key is a regular ZAP key, you place it into ZAP directly. DO NOT ENTER A ZAP KEY INTO THE ROUTER. If the router has anything in the license key field other than a Gateway license key, it will block all access from all systems when "Enforce ZAP" is enabled!

    Cannot Connect to the Checkpoint License Server

    This is a result of the activation process not having Administrator privileges on Windows Vista and Windows 7 when trying to authenticate and save your key into the registry.

    In order to bypass this error please do the following:
    1. Right Click on the icon which starts the program.
    2. Left Click on Properties
    3. Left Click on the Compatibility Tab
    4. Check the box for "Run this Program as administrator"

    After this process is completed the program should authenticate your serial key properly and start the program.


    Open the email that contains your Invoice or login to your online ZA account which you setup when you purchased from Zone Alarm and locate your order from the order history section.

    1. Left click and hold on the right side of the last character in your license,
    then drag your mouse all the way to the left side of the first character in
    the license and release the button.

    Note: Entire license key should be highlighted.

    2. Press Ctrl+C on your keyboard. That will Copy the highlighted text into the clipboard for later use.

    3. Open your ZoneAlarm Client by double-clicking the 'Z' icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen.
    In Windows 7 the icon may not be visable and you will need to click the small arrow pointing up to view the icon.

    4. When ZoneAlarm is open Click the 'Tools' dropdown menu and select the option 'Enter License'
    5. Click once in the 'Enter License Key' box so that a flashing cursor apear at the end of any data the might be in the box.

    6. If there is characters in the box press the backspace key on your keyboard until there box is clear.

    7. Press Ctrl+V on your keyboard. This will paste your key into the box.

    8. Click OK. You should then get a message stating that your
    license key has been successfully installed.

    If you recieved a message your license was invalid that is becasue you may be inputing a license that is made for a different product than the one you have installed or you didn't copy the entire license or you manualy typed the license in the box and that will not work


    Zone Labs CS:

    Zone Labs Renewal:

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