One of the fastest ways to get an answer to most technical questions is to use the Instant Support system, on the support section of the website. Many of the answers that technical support reps send out in response to user email queries can be found in this system. In order to access the Instant Support system, there are several requirements:- You must have your browser set to allow 3rd party cookies. This is because the site is linked to from the Zone Labs site.- In ZoneAlarm Pro, privacy settings may prevent you from using the system. In this case, enable the privacy Advisor first, then open a new browser window to access the Instant Support system. If ZoneAlarm Pro privacy settings are blocking you, then you should see the privacy Advisor alert. Open ZAP to Privacy -> Sites. You should see an entry for "". This is the provider and hostof the Instant Support system - make sure you change the setting for that site to allow 3rd party cookies. Now try again, using a new browser window, and you should be able to access the Instant Support system!