Hi Oldsod,

Thanks for the links. I will look at them a bit later. It'll take me a while to digest all the information you've posted up here due to my complete lack of computer knowledge.

Lately our members of the discussion forum have been trying to educate each other with computer knowledge and anti-virus software we could possibly download to prevent further losses or computer damage.

The times that I receive the warning signals from Zonealarm about the attack from 192.168...are interesting. It happened during the last week since I got a new hdd and re-installed the whole system. During the past week, there have been over 1000 warning signs reporting the attack from 192.168....about every 2 minutes there was one, and they all happened during weekdays. So far today(Saturday), I've not got one!!

Do you think it's coincidence? The few websites I've visited today have no difference from my usual online activity.

Thank you,