Sometimes you can get a better understanding when looking in the Event Viewer. It turns out that the Service Control Manager is often the process associated with a True Vector shutdown. The Service Control Manager is used to administer services that are running on your computer (i.e. the starting, stopping and pausing of services). You can find the Event Viewer by going to START, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, Administrative Tools, click on that, go to Event Viewer, double click, you will find four categories: Application, Security, System, and Anti-Virus. Perhaps some computers are different, but this is what I have on mine. Pick a category, click on it, and it will have a listing of assorted errors, basic information, etc. PLEASE look at the Tab on top of the page for Event. Double click it, and it will bring you to Event Properties. It will have a detail listing of errors, date of the error, description of the event, and the event code. To find out what each code stands for, PLEASE go to the following site: ce=Userenv&phase=1

Where it says Event ID: Type in the Event Viewer Error Code in the box and click on Search. For an example if you have an Error Code of 5003. This search came back with a lot of Sources. I scrolled down the page, and I found: Source TrueVector Service, Type - Error, Description - TrueVector driver or load failure. LoadNTDeviceDriver. Win32 error: The system cannot find the file specified., Details - Comments and links for event id 5003 from source TrueVector Service (Click on that hyperlink), Then it will take you to another screen with all sorts of assorted information about Event ID: 5003. Comments, Links, more Search sites, and Various.

Hopefully this has helped someone and when you get that Error Code in your Event Viewer, you know now where to find the information about it.

Thank you all for your time and have a great day or evening!