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Thread: How to Remove previous Norton or McAfee installed Software

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    This is just my 2 cents worth,

    If your having problem installing ZA Anti-Virus or ZA Security Suite or ZA Extreme Security and have ever installed previous installation of Norton Systemworks or Norton AntiVirus, or Norton Security Suite 2009/2010 or Norton 360 or any McAfee Tools when you use ADD/Remove to Remove any of Symantec Norton utilities, especially their Norton Anti-Virus program,

    they still leave lots of traces behind after the "UNINSTALL" Fortunately SYMANTEC has a Fix for this problem on the Symantec web site called "NORTON REMOVAL TOOL" that does a better job of REMOVING ALL traces of Norton Symantec files..

    ******** Important Notice ********

    here is the Link to the Removal Tools Recommended by Checkpoint..

    Remove all 3rd party antivirus and security software

    To avoid conflicting programs, please remove all 3rd party antivirus and security software. These products will conflict with your ZoneAlarm product and could result in technical or performance problems.

    ******** Important Notice ********

    If you have already installed Any Version of ZoneAlarm, there are several things you need to do, after you have removed all traces of Norton and Symantec with the (Norton Removal Tool),

    before you install your New ZA Free, ZAPro, ZAAV or Security Suite, ZAX for Paid version of ZA for Vista Sp1 or SP2 or Windows 7.

    ************************************************** ************
    1.) I recommend downloading a FREE Trash cleaner called ccleaner.exe from and install it and run it with the default setting to clean out all junk from your Cache, Temp Files and Recycle bin, even a good Registry cleaner..

    Here is an alternate Site for a Slim version of ccleaner without the Yahoo Tool-bar..

    ******** Important Notice ********

    1.) The other major cause of Install failure and True Vector errors is Conflict with 3rd party Security programs running during ZA install, like Webroot Spysweeper, Spyware Doctor, Bit Defender Conflicts because it has many of the features of ZASS..Spyware Doctor's Process Guard does not play nice with ZA..

    2.) As a General Rule to avoid Conflict you should Only run one Firewall and one Anti-Virus on the same computer..

    You can run Multiple Anti-Spyware programs, as long as the Anti-Spyware does not include some firewall or Anti-Virus Function to Conflict with ZA..

    as far as the WindowsXP firewall, ZA by default on install will turn OFF the Windows one way Firewall..

    Don't worry if Windows Security Center pops up a warning that it does not recognize ZA Firewall..

    There is a fix for that Cosmetic flaw in windows..

    3.) Click on Program Control, this will display a new page, at the TOP of that page Click the "Program" tab

    That will open a new page.. on the left is the names of the files and programs being controlled..Look down the list for.. (the Program that your having a problem with)

    in the "Trusted Level" Column of ( Your Program ) LEFT Click and Click on SUPER, this will place 3 Green Bars in that Column

    The next Column is "ACCESS" Left Click in that Column and change Red X's to Green Check marks for "Trusted" and "Internet" access
    Change all other Marks on that Line to "?" Question Marks for Ask..

    Now you should not have anymore problem with (Your Program)Make sure all of the following Programs have Trusted and Internet access (Green Check Marks):

    a.) All Microsoft wand Windows Programs have Green Check marks for Trusted and Internet Access..
    b.) Generic Host Process for win32 Services (svchost.exe) Also Grant this Trusted Server Rights
    c.) IE Crash Detection
    d.) Internet Explorer or FireFox
    e.) Malicious Software Removal Tool
    f.) True Vector Service (If it is listed)
    g.) Zone Alarm Client
    h.) Zone Alarm Updating Client
    i.) Your Email Client needs Trusted, Internet and Send Mail all need Green check Marks..

    To get out of the ZA Menu Display Look at the TOP far Right corner there is a Small X, click on that X to turn OFF the ZA Menu..
    and you all set to Go..
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