Several things youSHOULD do Before you install MS Vista.. or ZA for Vista. (if you already have VISTA installed, Skip over this part and go to # 3 below)1.) Make a Current Clone or Image Backup of your Current Stable WinXP Setup.. Or New Vista Setup if starting out with Vista Pre-Installed....either to a second HD, External USB-2 HD or to CD/DVD's.. (so you have a way to Recover, just in case you scew things up..)It would also be a Good Idea when you have installed MS Vista and have a Stable setup under Vista to make another Backup or Clone of the Vista Setup just to be on the safe side, before adding any new programs to Vista..Here is instruction for Image Backup using Acronis True Image v11, however Both WinXP and Vista include a Backup Utility that will work.. Download and Run Microsoft's Vista Compatibility Analyzer, and Update or Delete any software that is not compatible with Vista, before installing VISTA..;mg_id=20409b3.) All Versions of Zone Alarm, Other than theFour NEW ZA Vista Versions released June 14, 2007 are NOT compatible with VISTA and MUST be Uninstalled with the CLEAN Uninstall method before installing VISTA..WARNING!!! If you have any version of Zone Alarm Installed BEFORE you install MS VISTA, you MUST Clean Uninstall Zone Alarm BEFORE you Install MS Vista.. Here is the Instructions for Clean Uninstall of Zone Alarm.. you should Clean out the Junk files, Recycle Bin and Cashe with the Free ccleaner.exe Program from the link below.. the New Zone Alarmfor Vista files here..ZAFree
4.) if you have any other Security programs Like NAV, or Norton Internet Security Suite, or any other AV or Firewall programs, you need to uninstall them.. to be on the safe side.. Just One, Not Two -- Never use two software Firewalls at the same time. Completely uninstall one before installing another. Use the vendor's uninstall utility or if not available, use the Windows add/remove software tool in the control panel.<HR>Just One, Not Two -- Never use two Anti-virus products at the same time. Completely uninstall one before installing another. Use the vendor's uninstall utility or if not available, use the Windows add/remove software tool in the control panel.5.) if removing Any Symantec or Norton Programs.. ADD/Remove is not good enough, you must also go to Symantec Web site and download their "Norton_Removal_Tool.exe" to remove all traces of Symantec/Norton files that may conflict with the NEW ZA for Vista..This is just my 2 cents worth,If your having problem installing ZA Anti-Virus or ZA Security Suite and have ever uninstalleda previous installation of Norton Systemworks or Norton AntiVirus,when you use ADD/Remove to Remove any of Symantec Norton utilities, especially their Norton Anti-Virus program, they still leave lots of traces behind after the "UNINSTALL"Fortunately SYMANTEC has a Fix for this problem on the Symantec web site called "NORTON REMOVAL TOOL" that does a better job of REMOVING ALL traces of Norton Symantec is the Link to the Symantec Norton Removal Tool..;seg=hmHere is the Link to McAfee Removal Tool..<H5>Affected Operating Systems: </H5><UL><LI>Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional <LI>Microsoft Windows XP Professional <LI>Microsoft Windows XP Home <LI>Microsoft Windows Vista </LI>[/list]

NOTE: This tool is not compatible with Microsoft Windows 98 or ME.Here is another Forum Link to more information you instal the New ZoneAlarm, accept the Default Setting, and check the Trusted Zone instead of Internet zone when asked durring the Install process that way your IP Address, DNS and LoopBack Adapter are all listed in the Trusted Zone....and accept Learning mode durring install.Very IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure all of the following Programs have Trusted and Internet access (2 Green Check Marks):a.) All Microsoft and Windows Programs have Green Check marks for Trusted and Internet Access..b.) Generic Host Process for win32 Services (svchost.exe) also allow Trusted Server Rights (no Internet Server Rights)c.) IE Crash Detectiond.) Internet Explorer or FireFoxe.) Malicious Software Removal Toolf.) True Vector Service (If it is listed)g.) Zone Alarm Clienth.) Zone Alarm Updating Clienti.) Your Email Client needs Trusted, Internet accessand Send Mail all need Green check Marks..Good Luck...

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