For the Members who are using the FREE Version of ZoneAlarm, this feature will help you find your answers to your questions, if you do not receive it from the ZA Forum. Unfortunately you will only receive Tech Support help if you have a Valid License Key for any ZA Paid Product versions. But, the Instant Support Knowledge Base IMHO Only, does offer quite a lot of very interesting solutions for most issues of ZA, you may want to check this out.


PLEASE USE FIREFOX WITH JAVASCRIPT ENABLED WHEN GOING TO THE FOLLOWING LINK. If you use I.E. 7, you will get a page that will have an error message at the top of it and you will end up going around in circles. So, instead of the run around, PLEASE USE FIREFOX WITH JAVASCRIPT ENABLED, THANKS.

Here is the direct link, if you are interested:

Scroll down the list until you see Instant Support and then click on it, and it will bring you to the Instant Support Knowledge Base. Just follow the on screen instructions.

Thank you for your time and have a Great Day or Evening!