There are Over 60 Million Users of ZoneAlarm world Wide.. and Very Few People ever log onto a Support Forum to say how Great the Program is, This Forum exist to help the Few Users who encounter a problem and need to be guided in the right direction.. to the Zone Alarm User Forum..It looks like your Have Corrupted your Installed ZA files..The simplest procedure is to :1.Download the Latestinstallerpreferably with IE Browserand no Download Manager/accelerator like Get-Right, Livewire, BitTorrent) and save it to your Hard drive.(MultiPlatform,installer will install on Both WinXP and Vista)ZAFree Before you Uninstall your current ZA, UNcheck "Load ZA... at startup" (under Overview --> Preferences tab)3. Reboot the Computer. So that vsmon.exe/TrueVector will be removed from Memory4.) Now use the new ZoneAlarm Removal Tool: Click here > to desktop, right click and "run as administrator"This tool will remove all ZoneAlarm products from your system.

Please just download and run the tool, following the instructions.
(you can un-install without net connections)5.) Now Install the new update (clean or upgrade) and Accept the default Setting, Auto-Learn Mode and Choose Trusted Zone, not Internet Zone..NOTICE:Please note that ZASS and ZAXSdo not play nice with many overlapping security tools (even if disabled). To troubleshoot ZASS/ZAXS issues removethe other Security programsand install them back once you see that ZA works as it should. For example,Norton/Symantec, McAfee,AVG, Spyspweeper, Spyware Doctor, trojan hunter, adware, SpyBotS&D, PC tools Threat Fire, any otherAnti-virus, Anti-spyware, Registry Guard or locking tools, etc...Here is a List of the Most common User problems..a.) The first thing a Hacker, Trojan or Virus tries to do if they infect your computer or gain access to your Computer, thru an Email Attachment or pop-up on a Website or user over-ridding the Security alerts by the firewall, is to shutdown, any Firewall, AV/AS.. That is why some users have problems updating ZoneAlarm or any other security program..vsmon.exe/TrueVector is the first thing that loads when your computer starts to boot up, the ZA tray Icon is just a Icon that loads later in the Boot-up process..and TrueVector /vsmon.exe is the last thing to shutdown when your computer shuts down to insure that your computer is always protected..That is why " if Load ZoneAlarm on startup in not Un-checked" and computer Rebooted, Truevector will stay in Memory and will not be removed during Install or Upgrade, in fact the install may fail because Truevector in an attempt to protect your computer will think that the New Install attempt to install a new version of Truevector may be a Hacker Attempting to shut down Truevector..That is why it is very Important to use the Un-Check "Start ZA on Startup" method so that a New Upgrade Copy of TrueVector/vsmon.exe can be installed..b.) some Computer Users think that if one Firewall and Anti-Virus is good, two or three different ones running at the same time must be better?That is very Bad, They will Block or Conflict with each other, resulting in Less Security

6.)- have you properly un-installed any previous firewall and/or anti-virus?? = this needs to be done - Most new pc/laptops come with pre-installed security software, which should be properly un-installed prior to installing any ZoneAlarm firewall product. <HR>

Just One, Not Two -- Never use two software Firewalls at the same time. <HR>Just One, Not Two -- Never use two Anti-virus products at the same time. 7.) NOTE: Make sure all of the following Programs have Trusted and Internet access (2 Green Check Marks):a.) All Microsoft and Windows Programs have Green Check marks for Trusted and Internet Access..b.) Generic Host Process for win32 Services (svchost.exe) also allow Trusted Server Rights c.) IE Crash Detectiond.) Internet Explorer or FireFoxe.) Malicious Software Removal Toolf.) True Vector Service (If it is listed)g.) Zone Alarm Clienth.) Zone Alarm Updating Clienti.) Your Email Client needs Trusted, Internet accessand Send Mail all need Green check Marks..

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