Having Issues with ZoneAlarm & Firefox :

A corrupted profile happens once in awhile especially if you upgraded over an older version of Firefox.That's why it's better in the future when there is an upgrade to uninstall than to install over current version.There are many things that could go wrong when an upgrade is run over any previous version of software.

Backup your Bookmarks(.json) to a folder of your choice.You will need it to restore it later.Uninstall Firefox and do not save your settings when asked.After uninstalling Firefox run CCleaner.

Install Firefox.When installing Firefox select do nothing when ask to import from IE.You will restore .json backup.Now install Firefox & Add-ons.Configure all your settings of Firefox.Choose file where you saved your Bookmarks and restore them.
Are you still having problems after doing this.

I run Firefox/3.0.8 with ZoneAlarm Security Suite version: without issues.Never had issues with all builts of ZA or
Firefox running together.