This issue is related to ZoneAlarm version 6.5 and below ONLY.

As of 7/15/09 if your running any ZoneAlarm product version 6.5 or Below.

You may recieve the following error message:

Validation failed for C:\Windows\system32\VSINIT.dll. You probably are missing a necessary root certificate,

Thiscouldbe followed by the same message but for vsdata.dll.


ZoneAlarm 6.5 or below can no longer function.

Uninstall your version of ZoneAlarm and if you have a valid genuine ZoneAlarm licnese key in good standing you will need to upgrade and download version 8.0.400.020

Note: Windows ME, 98, 98se and Windows 2000are not supported in version 8.0

For download links Click Here.