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1) If a thread belongs on different board, the Moderator may move the entire thread to that board.

2) How do I adjust Privacy settings for a site? Be sure that the Privacy Advisor is turned on (Privacy -> Cookie Control -Custom). Then, whenever a site is affected by your Privacy settings, it will appear in the Privacy Panel -> Sites list, where you can adjust settings for that specific site.

3) I'm having problems getting Privacy settings to work! If you are running any third-party software that performs the same function (cookie control, ad-blocking, etc) you may have conflicts. You should not have multiple programs trying to perform the same function at the same time.

4) Where does ZA move the attachments? ZA does not move the attachments at all. It quarantines the attachments by changing the file extension on potentially dangerous files. If you are sure that a file is safe, simply go to that email, and double-click on the file attachment. ZA will ask what you want to do with it.
5) It says Outlook Express denied me access to the attachment! Recent security updates from Microsoft change Outlook Express settings to protect you from some file types as well. This message means that Outlook Express, NOT ZA, is blocking the attachment. See your Outlook Express help files for information on how to access these.

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