Hi, here are a few tips for Privacy settings.

1) If you makechanges, do it one change at a time. If you break something, change the setting back!

2) You CAN adjust settings by site. Make sure the Privacy Advisor is enabled (custom or advanced button, cookies tab). Now, whenever a site is affected by your Privacy settings, it will show up in the Sites list. You can adjust by site from there.

3) If you have problems accessing any site that you need to log into, turn Privacy off for that site. Also, you may need to add the site to your Trusted Zone. And lastly, reduce privacy settings in your browser if necessary.

4) If you have XP, turn off the built-in XP firewall. Note that you may have turned it off, but in some cases a security patch may turn it back on.

5) Privacy is turned on for browser by default. It is NOT turned on for other programs. Therefore, if you use something like RealOne Player and want to protect the browser-like part that it loads, go to Programs, click on the program name, click options, and turn on Privacy for that program. In the case of RealOne Player, watch the sites list. There will be several showing up. Adjust security settings by site for those (one is important and must have Privacy turned off for it, or RealOne Player won't work at all). Adjust by site, until you get what works best for you.

6) Combinations can be much worse than 2 singles - If you have multiple programs doing the same thing (security, or privacy, or cookies, etc) at the same time, you may run into conflicts. Be sure you know everything you are running on your system.