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Thread: Cannot test "Challenge Email" Feature

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    thefourthwall Guest

    Default Cannot test "Challenge Email" Feature

    Hello,Encountering an interesting problem with ZASS v6.0.667 re: the Outlook-specific component for sending challenge emails.The problem: I cannot send a test email from the Challenges tab, getting an error dialog "Error sending test email, try other settings."To get to this point, in Outlook, I click the Zone Alarm Toolbar > ZA Options > Challenges > Email Server > Send Test Email Button, enter my email address, and get theabove error message.I have verified the smtp server value is correct and that it is up and functioning.The questions so far are:1) How can this be corrected?2) If this feature is not working, how can I know that the Challenge function works at all?Thanks in advance for any thoughtson the subject.-thefourthwall

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    thefourthwall Guest

    Default Re: Cannot test "Challenge Email" Feature

    Nice to see quick replies happen here ....

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: Cannot test "Challenge Email" Feature

    Does your SMTP server require SSL? I don't remember there being an option to set this up in the Junk Email Filter. If there isn't such an option, SSL is probably not supported for the challenge email feature.

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    thefourthwall Guest

    Default Re: Cannot test "Challenge Email" Feature

    Andy aka. Jarvis,Thank you for your reply. I found out yesterday the root cause, and it was that Spam Filter was being denied access to send email in the Program Control list, by default, I believe. After modifying the permission set, the test email module worked perfectly! I'm kind of new to the forum, and have come up with another question about ZA settings, regarding blocked sites under the Firewall module -- which section would be best for me to post that question in?Thank you kindly,Lawrence

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: Cannot test "Challenge Email" Feature


    Yes, I see mine is auto-configured like that as well. I'll bash off another email to zonelabs about that.

    Meanwhile, I would post your question in the Configuration section.

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    caupo Guest

    Default Re: Cannot test "Challenge Email" Feature

    Hi:What exactly did you do in the program control list. I enabled send email and internet for both the spam control and zonelabs client -- but my test mail still wont go thru.Thanks in advance for the assist.Cheers.

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