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Thread: Privacy: Site List and Cookie Control

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    Thanks for the site and info, had I known the nature of the login I would not have asked for the URL much less the login data. I did edit your post to remove the login data, so it had limited exposure here. Feel free to reset the password. The only PA Alert I received was for Private Header, and when I allowed that I did not receive any other PA Alerts. This makes me wonder if there is something going on in FireFox, ofwhich I have no experience. Does FF create its own folder(s) for temporary internet files and cookie storage? When you cleaned/cleared your cache was this from within FF, I would guess so but want to ask?In the Windows\Internet Logs folder are there any *.tmp files? Also in the Event Viewer > Application section are there any TrueVector Service errors/warnings? Both of these things is an indicator of trouble with either your ZAP install or the database files being corrupted. I will not go into this area further until you let me know about the two questions above, since if neither exist there is no need to pursue this any further.

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    As I've been trying to analyze this, I get inconsistent behaviour. I can get an hour or more of everything working OK with no Privacy Advisor messages when going to this site, when suddenly they come back again and won't go away (any my access to the site gets messed up).

    Yes, I did clear the cache from within Firefox (and also from within Opera and IE).

    When you tried out the info that I had posted, had you tried going back to the site to see if it still knew you after your first visit?

    I am surprised that you only saw private header, since the site definitely uses cookies to store user ID/Password and to authorize content access as you move from section to section.

    There is a .tmp file in the Windows\Internet Logs folder.

    I did have a true vector glitch earlier this evening that told me to reboot, but this problem predates it. I found the following in the log after this glitch: "Faulting application vsmon.exe, version 6.1.737.0, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x00000000."

    If you really think I may have a bad installation I'll do a reinstall. But I've seen a few other posts with similar issues so I think it's some type of a bug (problems of site customizations being ignored).

    The problem doesn't seem to be cache related, since it will show up in Firefox, Opera and IE. When it's in the mood to work, it works for all three, and when it isn't in the mood to work (which can even happen in the same invocation of the browser as when it was working fine), it doesn't work in any of them.

    Regarding the privacy advisor, when it fails it often briefly flashes both Private Header and Cookies before changing to just Private Header, so if you aren't watching closely it's easy to miss. Here too, it isn't consistent. When things are blocking, I can try a page and just get Private Header, but if I clear cache and try again I'll get P.H. plus Cookies briefly, followed by just P.H. And if I clear cache and try it again, I'll get P.H. plus cookies without cookies disappearing.

    This is starting to remind me of a program that would crash consistently on any day that there was a full moon. In the end, it turned out that the game was calculating an internal "luck" factor based on the phase of the moon.

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    Default Re: Privacy: Site List and Cookie Control

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled without changing the behaviour at all.

    I have a question: the pages of the site are being generated by a php script. Depending on the load on the server, it may be delivered it fits and bursts.

    Is it possible that the initial stream is being processed according to the site settings, but additional html that is sent by the script might be only evaluated against the global settings?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - I have really run out of ideas as to what to try.

    Thank you for your assistance,


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