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Thread: Outlook / Outlook Express problem

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    geoffwood Guest

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    I have Outlook installed for email, and Outlook Express for newsgroups only. I have Outbound MailSafe protection turn OFF. It does not intrude when sending Outlook emails, but despite being turned off DOES poke it's nose in when posting to newsgroups.Not only does it poke it's nose in where not wanted, it also sends CPU to 94% for a minute or so (Celeron 2.4GHz) in one thread of Outlook Express. XP Pro SP2 and everything up to date.If Outgoing MailSafe turned ON, then it does something similar in Outlook for a shorter time, and only for the first email of a session - subsequent ones OK. Outlook Express behaviour as before.I have uninstalled and reinstalled both ZA (Suite) and Outlook Express, and have all updates, um, up to date.geoffPS really resent no regular email or direct online access to tech support.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    geoffwood Guest

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    Bump....There is a particular thread in Outlook Express that goes to 93%. If I kill that thread, OLX closes, and I can start again.With ZoneAlarm disabled it still does it. But with ZoneAlarm uninstalled, all is normal.To repeat, the outbound MAilsafe window comes up when a post made to a newsgroup with OLX, even if outbound mailsafe *disabled*.geoff

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