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Thread: quarantined emails???

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    the_prophet Guest

    Default quarantined emails???

    where the suspect e-mail attachements quarantined go in my computer??? and can I go to check this message?? thanks Julien

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    The_Prophet, welcome to the forum.This is from the help file:<BLOCKQUOTE dir=ltr style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px"><P class=pBody>When an e-mail message with an attachment arrives in your Inbox, MailSafe examines the attachment's file name extension and compares it to the extensions on the attachments list. If the attachment type appears on the list and if attachments of that type are set to quarantine, Zone Labs security software changes the file name extension to ".zl*" (where * is a number or letter). <A target=_blank name=wp1018821></A><P class=pBody>Changing the filename extension quarantines the attachment by keeping it from running automatically. When you open the e-mail containing the attachment, Zone Labs security software displays a MailSafe alert to let you know that it has quarantined the attachment. If you try to open the attachment, an alert warns you of the potential risk involved. However, you are still able to open the attachment if you are sure that it is safe.</BLOCKQUOTE><P class=pBody dir=ltr>When opening the attachment, inyour normal way,you will be presented with 1/2 additional dialog boxes asking you if you really want to do this. I would make sure the attachment is from someone you trust and thatyou receiveattachments from frequently.<P class=pBody dir=ltr>I hope this helps, if not post back and we will go from there. Take care.

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    kmx Guest

    Default Re: quarantined emails???

    Disciple, others in the forum,I have the same question as "the_prophet." When an email is "quarantined" where is it sent to? what folder? or vault location? I have four (4) quarantined emails according to ZoneAlarm Pro vers 6.1.737.000. I would like to know who these emails are from and what they are. I have looked in the "ZoneAlarm" folder on my hard drive and searched for "quarantine" and "vault" also to no avail. I have looked in "Alerts and Logs" and see them in the spreadsheet under "mailsafe" but the spreadsheet does not tell me where they are located on my machinelet alone allow me to access them from there. I understand the potential hazard of opening quarantined emails.thx, kmxsystem: hw: vaio vgc-ra834g; ms windows xp sp2; intel p4 3.6ghz; 2.0gb ram; nvidia geforce 6600; sw:zap vers 6.1.737.000; ccleaner v1.25.201; avg anti-virus 7.1pro; ms antispyware v 1.0.701; spybot - s&amp;d 1.3; spyware blaster v. 3.4; ad-aware se v. se1r76 22.11.2005; winpatrol v.; cwshredder v2.19.

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    kmx the attachment extension is only re-named. For example, you receive an email with an *.exe attachment. With the Inbound Mailsafe Protection turned on, all email attachment extensions arecompared to the list on the E-Mail Protection &gt; Attachments tab. When the .exe match is made the attachment is renamed to *.zl9, it is still attached to the email that is in your email client. Whichprevents amalicious file/attachment from automatically running and doing its damage.You open the attachment by the same procedure you would normally use to open other attachments, except ZA will present a dialog box warning you to the potential risk of opening this attachment. Look in the ZAP help file at E-Mail Protection &gt; Customizing Inbound Mailsafe protection &gt; Opening a Quarantined attachment. This gives a screenshot of the dialog box, although the second paragraphs wordingshould change with the extension type, and shows the choices you have.The use of the term quarantine in reference to this Mailsafe feature had been debated here and in other forums many times. When taken to mean an action similar to an AV/AT quarantine, then the term is misleading. But when taken in the context of the action of remaining the files extension, then it can be considered the correct term. Especially if you consider these definitions from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:<UL><LI>quarantine (noun): 3 a : a restraint upon the activities or communication of persons or the transport of goods designed to prevent the spread of disease or pests, 4 : a state of enforced isolation</LI><LI>quarantine (verb) : 2 : to isolate from normal relations or communication </LI>[/list]

    Since renaming the extension does put the file/attachment in a state described by all three definitions. I hope this helps explain this better if not please post back and I will try and do better. Take care.

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