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Thread: How to add new categories to web filtering?

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    wis Guest

    Default How to add new categories to web filtering?


    I'd like to filter out "Open Image/Media Search" category (i.e. Is it possible in Zone Alarm Internet Suite 6.1, or do I have to wait a future upgrade?



    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    Default Re: How to add new categories to web filtering?

    Hi Giorgio, and welcome to the forum.Ido not completely understand what you are wanting to accomplish. If by "filter out" you are meaning preventing anything from being loaded from that site there are a couple of ways you can do this without using the Parental Controls category list. Since you are using ZASS, you could create a Group of those Sites/Hosts or IP addresses you want to block. Which would be used in a Firewall Expert Rule with the action set to block. Another method would be to employ a Hosts file, If you are not familiar with this you can find more information about it at List of Lists - Hosts File.Just to let you know the Parental Controls feature and the Categories list area licensed feature from who has complete control of this feature. I did see where BlueCoat does include this category, so I would imagine ZL has to do something to update their category list within the Parental Controls feature. I will see what I can find out and post back, keep in mind it may take a little while for me to find out anything.I hope this has helped. Take care.

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    wis Guest

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    Thanks for your posting. I was forgetting ZA is first of all a firewall, so I can play with deny lists.

    Anyway, it could be great to allow full usage of BlueCoat categories, and maybe adding in the future the possibility to whitelist some sites (I may want for example to deny a category thus allowing few named sites).



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    Default Re: How to add new categories to web filtering?

    Your welcome.

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