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Thread: OE/System Lockup During/After Scan

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    rbandrews Guest

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    I recently setup my laptop to use a new hard drive, with a new installation of Windows XP Home. I am now getting msimn.exe taking up 95-99% of the CPU while running Outlook Express. This is "started" when ZoneAlarm does its junk mail scan and just after that point, so I suspect some link between the two of them. I have tried to eliminate Windows Messenger, but that didn't solve the problem as msimn.exe keeps coming up even if Windows Messenger isn't loaded.I am not positive this is related to Zone Alarm, but it sure seems like it. Has anyone else seen this?It also seems to mess up connectivity to my local network, as drives on those machines are no longer accessible. I can't ping other local machines, nor can they ping me, even though all can ping the router/gateway in front of my DSL connection.Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.=====I just ran some tests without ZA's junk mail scanning. It did not slow down in that case.====Brad

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    rbandrews Guest

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    As often happens, I end up answering my own question.I also had OE Quick Tools 4 installed, and I disabled that on a whim. I now have NO slow down or delay. Apparently its "key trapping" was interrupting things.Everything seems "normal", at least for now.Brad

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    rbandrews Guest

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    Well, the problem is back. Has anyone else experienced this?I did turn off filtering and the problem went away, so it has SOMETHING to do with junk mail filtering. Surely someone has an idea here!Brad

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    goochs Guest

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    can't help you out but I have the same problem. IfI enable junk filtering it works fine in outlook but if I switch over to OE then it will lock up oe and if I am lucky I can back out and disable it otherwise I have to reboot!!!

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    xemxie Guest

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    On a networked PC, not only does OE lock up but IE/Mozilla suddenly start coming up with "looking for <URL>" and then saying ".<URL>. could not be found. Please check the name and try again" even if I have been browsing the site for some time. Even the bbc! Rebooting the gateway PC (resetting ZA) solves the problem until next time - 10 mins to 3 hours later.Any ideas?Also, the PC running ZA won't access hotmail even though I have put it in the site list under Privacy. Why?All replies gratefully received!!

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