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Thread: parental control and usernames in XP

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    skimedickc Guest

    Default parental control and usernames in XP

    How can i set different parental control settings for different usernames? For example, I want to have access to all sites, but I want my 16 yr old to only have access to some sites and my 12 yr old to have even less. They each have their own username under WinXP. I have tried changing the ZASS settings within each username, as it appears ZASS opens a new program each time you log on as a different user, but it makes the changes globally rather than to that specific username. Any ideas?????

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    large_chap Guest

    Default Re: parental control and usernames in XP

    I am wondering the exact same thing. I have the trial version of ZoneAlarm Security Suite (ZASS) installed and am testing it as a replacement for Norton Internet Security 2005 (NIS). ZASS Performance is ** MUCH ** better than NIS. However, NIS allows customized content blocked by XP username. In all other respects ZASS is equal or the better product in my mind. However, I will not buy the full product as a suitable replacement without being able to customize content/web site blocking by XP user name.-M

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    sixhundred Guest

    Default Re: parental control and usernames in XP

    Same question.

    Per account settings are not available in ZASS. It's a real shame.

    However I switched from NIS to ZASS beacause it loads a lot faster, doesn't crash and doesn't slow my email send/receive to a crawl.

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    goog Guest

    Default Re: parental control and usernames in XP

    I also had NIS 2005 and found the ability to set the parental controls per logon a must feature. Based on product reviews out there, I decided to try a trial version of PC-cillin ---and found they don't have this option at all either. I was just perusing this site to see if may be Zone Alarms might have the ability (another well reviewed product). Guess not. Looks like I'll be going back to NIS 2006 now. Why can't these other companies understand that this is a required feature for families?

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    skimedickc Guest

    Default Re: parental control and usernames in XP

    Looks like I may have to switch to another program like NIS... I have been using ZASS for a couple years now, and really like its features except that it can't be controlled differently under each username. Also, the recent releases block my GoToMyPC access


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    goog Guest

    Default Re: parental control and usernames in XP

    Are there any other programs that offer parental controls linked to the XP logon, like NIS?I recently downloaded McAfee because it came free with my Comcast Cable subscription. While they can't tie their security levels to the XP logons, they allow you to setup different security levels for different users using the McAfee application. So, basically you have to logon twice everytime you logon to your pc. That and several other things convinced me to promptly uninstall McAfee after only a few weeks of use.ZASS doesn't have it. PC-cillin doesn't have it. I never experienced the slowdowns with NIS that many others speak about, and I had it for at least acouple years. Most of my issues were around less thorough spyware detection and the higher cost of yearly subscriptions. But, as I mentioned before, this feature of configuring the security level to the logon is a must for my family (Are you listening Zone Labs?), and the only one I've found with reasonably good expert ratings is NIS, so I will be purchasing the new NIS 2006 within the next few days.

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    sixhundred Guest

    Default Re: parental control and usernames in XP

    Before you leave Zone Alarm I'd say that the Parental controls in ZASS are not it's main feature. They are an extra feature and certainly not fool proof or fully featured.

    I'm currently trialing different Internet Content Filters such as CyberPatrol and Net Nanny. These are much better at the job and are specifically written applications.

    So far they are head and shoulders above what is provided in ZASS. I don't have a problem with ZASS not being too great on this front as it's main use is as a firewall and anti-virus.

    The packages I've seen so far add a lot more to parental control than just per login settings, e.g. timed access, website logging, etc.

    Zone Alarm don't say they have a fully featured market leading set of parental control features beacuse they don't. However they are better than nothing.

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    shieber Guest

    Default Re: parental control and usernames in XP

    I'd really like to see the feature of diff accounts with diff controls in ZASS too. I left NIS after over 20 years of using Norton software not because the product is so bad but because of what I found to bedreadful service when things did go wrong and some marketing tacktics that I found offensive.Maybe ZASS will add accounts to the next upgrade --- Hope hope hope . . .

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