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Thread: Firefox does not fully load some websites!!!

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    neomickseven Guest

    Default Firefox does not fully load some websites!!!

    I am running ZA on WinXP SP2 and some websites will not fully load(i.e. some pictures or other web content will not appear). I'm sure it's something to do with ZA becuase this problem does not occur when I stop running ZA. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Firefox does not fully load some websites!!!

    Do you have the Ad-Blocking extension for Firefox installed as well as your ZAP Ad-Blocking turned on?. If so, try turning the ad-blocking off in one or the other. BTW, I too have noticed that Firefox doesn't seem to want to finish loading all the way as well. I'll play around with my settings to see if I can nail the problem down. It seemed to start with Firefox 1.0.7; I've not installed 1.5 yet (too many extensions have not been updated for 1.5). When it doesn't seem to load, I've just refreshed the page and that will normally fix it.

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    sixhundred Guest

    Default Re: Firefox does not fully load some websites!!!

    I ahve seen the same issue.

    Firefox fails to load some of the graphics on a page. Doing a refresh of the page solves it.

    It's not all websites but happens quite frequently. It's not the adverts which aren't appearing but the normal graphics on the site. Weird. (I do haev adblock extension in Firefox).

    For now I have ad blocking off in ZASS. That seems to help.

    IE seems to be ok although I don't use it much.

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