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Thread: Junk mail filtering: after mouse clicks, takes almost a minute for function to execute

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    ksgg Guest

    Default Junk mail filtering: after mouse clicks, takes almost a minute for function to execute

    I installed ZA Internet Security Suite about 10 days ago. I'm using version 6 of Outlook Express. The ZA Suite seems to be working fine except for the following problem with the spam filter. I'm not using the challenge function at all; just the basic spam filtering parameters. The specific problem is that many mouse clicks are followed by delays of anywhere from 20-70 seconds rather than simply executing instantaneously. Examples: 1. After downloading my e-mail from my mail server, the "Zone Alarm Analyzing E-mail" window pops up. However, it takes about a minute before the progress bar (the horizontal bar that fills with little green blocks and moves from left to right ) appears and does its thing. 2. If I go into the ZA junk mail folder and click the "unjunk" button, my mouse pointer turns into an hourglass and the function--"unjunking"--takes 40-80 seconds to perform. During this time I have to just sit and wait. 3. When I chooseOptions on the toolbar, and then click'block sender' or 'report junk e-mail', wait a few seconds and then click the delete button of Outlook Express, it often takes 40-70 seconds before the message is actually deleted. Again, I have to just sit and wait.These delays are almost as annoying as receving the spam. Is there some way to solve this problem, or, am I going to have to disable this function of the program? Also, when I receive my e-mail off of my server, I usually receive 5-25 messages.Any guidance would certainly he appreciated. Thank you.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    spm Guest

    Default Re: Junk mail filtering: after mouse clicks, takes almost a minute for function to execute

    This happens to me, too. I have to wait for the mail filter to complete its various jobs and I look for the focus to move back to my Inbox. When my inbox is again highlighted, I know the mail filter has finished. And it does take a little while. If I go ahead and try to do something else, my mouse click will not be dealt with until after the current operation finishes. It used to aggravate me, too ... now I plan on it and fiddle with other stuff ... write entries in my little computer notebook that I keep, run to the fridge, read the next paragraph in whatever book I am reading ... my computer is an old PIII put together back in '01, so it is not very 'speedy', anyway ...spm

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