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    atlbrian Guest

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    I wanted to know if there was a way to block only active x and not all embedded objects with zone alarm suite 6. After reading muffincharzid (sp?) outline in the helpful hints forum it would appear that my own proclivity towards blocking vb script was dead on and I would like to follow the rest of his advice by blocking active x. I run firefox primarily which if I understand right doesn't use active x but for the few apps where I have to use IE it'd be nice to have another layer of defense besides IE's settings (which leave a lot to be desired as it seems that sites rarely function right if active x is completely disabled).

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    billc Guest

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    Go to your Privacy > Main tab in ZASS, look in the Mobile Code control box and click on the 'custom' button. There you can pick and choose what active script you wish to block.

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