I use Outlook2003, XP-Home SP2, ZA suite, 5.094 at this point, plus PestPatrol, both up to date. All Microsoft patches up to date.I had some trouble sending mail yesterday. Having found nothing in the Alerts log in ZA, I looked more all around.
To my horror I discovered that in the course of about 2 hours the computer was on, my OUTLOOK got green checkmarks all across the board - INCLUDING ALL SERVER RIGHTS, trusted and untrusted. Looking at addresses in Linksys log, I found this one - destination "notify.mailfronteer.com" - IP address in the search string below
Now this is linked to something called outbound1.netratings.com.
What's going on???
Needless to say, time for more scans tonight - but how can I explain any of this? I know mailfronteer itself is ok, but I have never before seen the "notify" part. And HOW could my programs settings got changed like that?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:5.5

Edited: I also noticed when I clicked on Outlook on the Programs tab, the bottom showed Last policy update yesterday (1/26) then when I removed all the invalid checkmarks, Last policy changed to manual. So clearly something did me in yesterday. And by the way, all that happened BEFORE I even ran Outlook, I think. Or at the moment I ran it.

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