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Thread: Can't find the zm9 attachment

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    berlin_biter Guest

    Default Can't find the zm9 attachment

    Running Zone Alarm Security Suite, OE6; Win XP
    yesterday identified a virus in a spam mail attachment as Win32.Baglelike. The Scan Status Dialog says 'No Treatment Available'. File name is shown as 'February_price.zm9>qtgrlli.exe'.
    The message source of the email also shows the same file name. I assume from 'zm9' that the attachment originally had a .zip extension.
    I can't find any file on my system matching 'February_price' or 'qtgrlli.exe' . Searching on 'zm9' pulls up a couple of old issues, but not this file.
    In the ZA Log file 'ZALog2006.02.02.txt' the infection is noted but none of the file names or paths. I understood from the Moderator info message on this board that file information should be shown in the Log file.
    Where do I find the infected file?I want to submit it to
    ZA and delete it.
    Thanks in advance.
    Tim Davies

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    unhappy_viewer Guest

    Default Re: Can't find the zm9 attachment

    In your case, what happens in Security Suite is that there are two parts of the program working on your email that are coming into your mailbox. The first is MailSafe which 'quarantines' potentially unsafe attachments by changing the extension such that ZA would prompt you to consider again if you want to open an attachment. The zm9 means that file is actually a ZIP file. ou can read in more detail on how MailSafe works by looking at this 'sticky' post:

    The second part is the antivirus' email scanning feature. The AV scans incoming emails for viruses. If a virus is detected in an attachment as in your case, the attachment is deleted. That is why you can't find the attachment anymore. You do not need to submit any infected file that is already detected by the current definitions to Zone Labs. You only need to submit them when you think the file contains a virus but is not detected by the current definitions.

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    berlin_biter Guest

    Default Re: Can't find the zm9 attachment

    Thanks for your clear explanation.

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