Find little help for subject spamming? Currently using Firefox browser with the old zonealarm.
Wanting to upgrade to entire package. I do NOT use EXPLORER or such for any browsing.
WILL this garbage be filtered out????
Nellie lessor 02/04/06 2 KB
Miriam clutch 02/04/06 2 KB
Gail louis 02/04/06 2 KB
Tynan Corvo Re: legato 02/04/06 3 KB
Thomasina Barn.. Re: Lulita 02/04/06 3 KB
Colin N. Golux hey, are you there 02/04/06 3 KB31 KB
dale dunham Getting Up In Years 02/03/06 4 KB
Estela Rubio bassett 02/03/06 2 KB
Francene Shaffer Re: Quite dreyfuss 02/03/06 3 KB
Marsha elizabethan 02/03/06 2 KB
Ivory agleam 02/03/06 2 KB
Duane Suggs anemone madame doctor 02/03/06 2 KB
Young inadmissible 02/03/06 2 KB

and the beat goes on. ALL THE NAMES cant go into a file, the senders computer just keeps changing them randomly from their list of 10 million names....


Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version: