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    nodham Guest

    Default outbound mail

    I have outbound mailsave set to "OFF". As I try to send e-mail I get the fllowing message:

    550 5.7.1 <>... Relaying denied. Proper authentication required.

    What do I do to get this e-mail to the indended address?

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    Default Re: outbound mail

    Why this, 550 5.7.1 why not just the e-mail address?
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    Default Re: outbound mail

    No Hoov, that's the error message - Error 550. Relaying Not Allowed

    Relaying is when you are connected to the internet via one ISP but try send mail from the SMTP server of another ISP. This is usually not allowed but spammers use "open" relays to send spam. An "open relay server" is an SMTP server that allows relaying without requiring the sender be authorised. This is usually due to defective SMTP server software and there are even lists of open relay servers that spammers pass around.

    To relay mail you usually need to authenticate. This means that you have to "log in" using your user name and password for the server before the server will accept your e-mail. This is the same as you having to log into your POP server to get your e-mail.

    There is usually a setting in your e-mail client where you can tell the SMTP server to allow you to authenticate. Check your user manual. Then, when you try to relay mail, it will ask for your user name and password.

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    nodham Guest

    Default Re: outbound mail

    This was a problen, partly within Outlook, and partly with my provider.

    Outlook: go to Tools---E-Mail Accounts --- Then "change" data related to your provider.
    Go to "More settings".

    verify the correct type connection, and the correct POP3 snd SMTP with the provider.

    Finally this worked.

    Thankd for your help:

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    hanson Guest

    Default Re: outbound mail

    I also am getting the following message:5.7.1 Relaying not allowed

    I am trying to use Mozilla Firefox to send and recieve email. I can recieve but not send.
    I have read the messages but have no idea about correcting the situation.

    Your help would be appreciated

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