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    denfly Guest

    Default Phantom emails

    I have ZAP version 6.1.737, windows xp home, office xp
    Mailsafe constantly alerts to emails I am not sending.
    These emails do not show up in the outbox or in the sent mail folder.
    I also get back a number of undelivered email messages.
    I have run ZAP virus at the byte/block level in safe virus detected.
    I have done full system scans with Norton antivirus as well with no viruses detected.
    I am going nuts with this as mailsafe alerts come up every five minutes or so.
    Norton says no virus on computer, paid $39 for that help!
    I have sent emails to ZA technical support.
    They suggested the byte/block level scan of system.
    I also run microsoft new spyware pgm and adaware and spybot.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:

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    frankygoesto Guest

    Default Re: Phantom emails

    I had the same problem once and dedected only with a-squared a trojan horse, that was the only program that found that virus and it's free to download at

    hope that helps.

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    magical_trevor Guest

    Default Re: Phantom emails

    A-sqaured is a good software, I run the personal edition.
    Highly recommend it

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    denfly Guest

    Default Re: Phantom emails

    I downloaded it and ran the scan.
    Unfortunately I am having the same problem.
    Emails are being sent that I am not sending.
    Mailsafe is catching that.
    These emails do not show up in the outbox or in sent mail folder in outlook xp (2002)
    I have the timer on mailsafe set to only one message every 999 seconds.
    Some of these phantom emails get through and then I see a returned delivery message because of an invalid email address.
    Zone alarm support has not really been much help.

    I also tried running Norton antivirus, even called their tech support and paid $39!
    No help.
    I would think that someone other than myself would see this as a serious problem!
    Unfortunately Zone Labs and Norton do not.
    Any other ideas would be appreciated.
    The mailsafe popups are killing me!



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    Default Re: Phantom emails

    do you have challenges turned on in the spam filter area?
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    denfly Guest

    Default Re: Phantom emails

    Challenges are off.

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