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Thread: ZA problems again

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    Default ZA problems again

    OK now ZA Security Suite has stop filtering emails for junk????? I cleaned out the old re-install and performed a new clean install, yet Mail Safe has stop working all together. I have emails that should be blocked as they were from my previous install, but for some unknown reason when ever I get a spam ZA does nothing. Acts as if it is working but nothing is seen as spam??????? Why?????? I tryly wish I could could go back a few years and have life as it spam no virius's just good clean fun on the computer. Progress who the **bleep** needs it? Has anyone had the same scenario I am facing? Is there a new virus on the horizon or one that has has come already that can stop ZA from doing what it was intended to do. I am at wit ends once again...should I just go back to just having a firewall and not worry about all the bells and whistles promised? Life has become such a hassle using the computer with all the worrying about somebody trying to spoil a good thing. Maybe I already answered my own question. But if one of you out there, that is smarter than me and has a good answer please provide, if you will!!!!!!!!!



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    DO you have the toolbar showing? Does it appear that it is checking e-mail? (you know, the popup screen?)
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