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Thread: How do I ban ads?

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    estorilblue Guest

    Default How do I ban ads?

    I have set the privacy setting to 'high' but I still getting pop ups and banner ads, etc. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong, or not doing?

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    Default Re: How do I ban ads?

    Did you switch it to High in Ad Blocking?

    If you did, can you please tell me which browser you are using?

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    estorilblue Guest

    Default Re: How do I ban ads?

    Yes, to the first question.
    The browers I use is MSN Explorer.

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    Default Re: How do I ban ads?

    Go to Program Control > Programs. Within the list, find MSN Explorer. Right-click the entry, and choose Options. Did you enable privacy for this program?

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    estorilblue Guest

    Default Re: How do I ban ads?

    I've guessed that you are going to say that the systems are incompatible, so I've turned off the MSN privacy/banner ad options. The result? I'm still getting pop ups and banner ads!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: How do I ban ads?

    You should have privacy enabled for the program in the options in the program list. BUT, you may want to lower the internal ad blocking in the browser. Sometimes they don't coexist peacefully. Also, are you using a proxy server?
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    jssshashi Guest

    Default Re: How do I ban ads?

    I use avant browser, No different from IE , just <2mb install file..., its runs IE in bacgroundIn this you have toolbar buttons to
    selectively turn off pictures , flash, Javascript, activeX and popups, apart from adblacklists and popup blacklist...
    its not heavy, try sometime.
    It doesnt change ur IE User interface... and somehow is faster than IE in loading or connecting to websites.

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