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Thread: MailSafe & Outlook Express - Help needed

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    arson Guest

    Default Re: MailSafe & Outlook Express - Help needed

    <blockquote><hr>GoldDragon wrote:


    I am using the Dutch version of Outlook Express and I have the same problem with
    Mailsafe as MiOB.
    The rest of ZAISS seems to be working fine.

    Does anyone know either if there is a way to solve this or if ZoneLabs is working on some kind of &quot;update&quot; to make Mailsafe compatible with different versions of Outlook Express?

    Can anyone recommend a free anti spam program that I can use untill this issue is fixed? I have a pop3 and a webmail inbox
    that I open both in Outlook Express.<hr></blockquote>

    Greetings GoldDragon ...

    As I mentioned to MiOB,

    I suggest you drop a line to ZoneLabs Technical Support and
    tell them what you've stated above, as far as you
    having the Dutch Version of OE, are there any work-arounds
    and are they working on making ZA compatible with different versions of OE ...

    click &gt;


    Now as far as Anti-Spam Programs that support the Dutch version of OE, you may want to check out this review of SpamFighter
    (and some more Anti-spam programs, which some are free ) at MajorGeeks

    SpamFighter supports the Dutch language in Outlook and OE and is supposed to be Microsoft Certified

    click &gt;

    ... when you reach this site just click on the 'Read Review' link or just browse around ...

    ... and this is SpamFighter's Main site, where you can read some more

    click &gt;


    You may also want to check out Mozilla's Firefox (Browser) and it's Free Email Client,Thunderbird (they support the Dutch language and many users feel
    they're safer and more reliable than Internet Explorer and Outlook /
    Outlook Express, but everyone has their own opinion and favorites as you know ... but always the choice falls to you ...

    click &gt;

    I hope this helps and best regards ...

    Arson D. Dragon

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    june Guest

    Default Re: MailSafe & Outlook Express - Help needed

    I'm having the devil's time trying to post on this forum, so I'm not sure this is right.In Outlook Express, when I receive forwarded mail that should have pictures in the body,
    blank squares with a red x 's in the upper left corner comes through.What settings do I have
    to change to get the pictures?
    Thanks guys,

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    Default Re: MailSafe & Outlook Express - Help needed

    Try using the privacy advisor. There is a page on my site that shows you how.,
    My homes are [url=][b][color=#000099][/color][/b][/url] and [url=][b][color=#000099][/color][/b][/url] and [url=][b][color=#000099][/color][/b][/url]

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