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Thread: How can I keep [bulk]/spam e-mails in my inbox?

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    Default How can I keep [bulk]/spam e-mails in my inbox?

    I was wondering whether there's a way to set my Outlook to keep all e-mails labelled as [Bulk] by ZA definitions in my inbox rather than it going directly into the ZA Junk Mail folder? I've tried to delete the ZA folder but it gets re-created every time I start up Outlook.

    The reasoning behind this is that I've set my Outlook rules to scan for e-mails with [Bulk]in the subject header, to mark as read and then delete. The rules cannot be set to scan other folders automatically, just the inbox. Somehow [Bulk] e-mails captured in the ZA files are not being scanned by the Rules when it first appears in the inbox. I'd like to continue using ZA because it is ZA that applies the "[Bulk]" header in the subject header that allows me to thoroughly catch the spam using the Rules.

    I know it's a nitpicky question that has more to do with keeping my e-mail folders neat, but I much rather prefer to just have all my junk go straight to the deleted folder and marked as read (hate seeing bolded folders lol!).

    If there's no solution around disabling the ZA folder I'd love to hear of other solutions that may help my problem. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: How can I keep [bulk]/spam e-mails in my inbox?

    If they are from the same places all the time, like a newsletter, then try adding the e-mail address to the whitelist.
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    Default Re: How can I keep [bulk]/spam e-mails in my inbox? Is Mailwasher the answer?

    <blockquote><hr>Coltsfan wrote:
    ..I'd love to hear of other solutions that may help my problem. Thanks in advance.

    This is an example of a program trying to be everything to everybody. I prefer to have programs dedicated to specific tasks and that way each does what it is supposed to do and usually does it very well!

    I use Mailwasher for SPAM control and it does an excellent job. You don't even have to download e-mail to your PC first because you can delete it (and even bounce it back to the sender!) directly from the server.

    You can use Mailwasher to report SPAM directly to SpamCop, you can have the source of you re-mail automatically checked against lists of Open Relay Servers, and you can use filter rules (not supplied but can be found on the net or easily write your own) to check for SPAM-like qualities in e-mail and alert you that an e-mail may be SPAM. You can subscribe to &quot;First Alert&quot; which check your e-mails against SPAM already submitted to FireTrust to positively SPAM. You can set up lists of trusted and blacklisted e-mail addresses (including wildcards). You can decide exactly what to do with every e-mail.

    Mailwasher is great and if you purchase it, you get a perpetual licence which includes upgrades. Mailwasher is available from FireTrust.

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