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Thread: No Junk Mail Toolbar

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    rhysew Guest

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    This happened to me when I updated to the most recent version of ZA, following an
    error message about 'regsw32.exe'. A search of my windows directory shwoed that the file was not present in the system32 directory. I downloaded a copy from and re-installed zonealarm. I now have the icons in my copy of Outlook Express.

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    candoo Guest

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    Hi rhysew

    Are you sure you have the spelling of the file right?
    I did a search on Google and Microsoft and got nothing.

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    jonob Guest

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    I think that I have figured out why this is happening.
    If you are logged onto a Win XP Pro machine as an administrator, you will get the junk toolbar
    If you are logged on as a user, you will *not* get the toolbar

    Well, thats my experience anyway. Can any of you replicate this?

    As to how to solve it, if you have to log on as a user, I dont know.

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    veedub Guest

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    I had what sounds like a verysimilar problem.

    filter worked great in Outlook Express but I had no tool bar on Outlook. I did the have Outlook running and then turnoff the filter then restart outlook then turn on the filter the restart Outlook. Didnt help. Then I did the "About Outlook" click disabled Items only to find that nothing was disabled. Then I did the go to Tools>options>other>advanced options> Com add-ins click the check mark for Mailbuddy Outlook ad in. Great but ther were no Add ins to click. So if this is were you are I have the fix. At the Com Add-ins click "Add" then "Browse" to "c:\program Files\zone labs\zonealarm\mailfrontier" and select mlfoshim.dll. This file is the Outlook add in. After this installs your filter will be enabled and working with tool bar in outlook. Hope this Helps.


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    channelmike Guest

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    Thanks Joanna for your problem fix... it worked a treat. Mike

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    tubthumper Guest

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    Hey wicked!
    This worked for me too. Thanks for taking the trouble to post this.

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    wolfkc Guest

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    I've had this issue for about 6 months, maybe 9 months. Like the others it just suddenly stopped working one day after an update. Like the previous post I opened Outlook ->Tools->Other->Advanced Options then Cliked on COM Add Ins and (here's where I did sliglty diffrent) remvoed the existing mail spam plugin and then browse to C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\MailFrontier and add mlfoshim.dll. Then a similar but slightly diffrent spash screen loaded and it appears (so far) to be working.
    It seems pretty obvous to me that they changed their plugin but never handled the reinstall or even told their existing customers they need to reinstall or of course how to do this workaround.

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