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Thread: No Junk Mail Toolbar

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    candoo Guest

    Default No Junk Mail Toolbar

    My Junk mail tool bar won't show in Outlook Express. I tried the right click on the toolbar trick, turn off and reboot and turn on and reboot.Tech support says Mailbuddy
    did not load. So what
    is Mailbuddy? I did a file
    search on my hard drive and found no file with that name.I uninstalled and reinstalled Zass 6.1.744.000 from a NEW download thinking Mailbuddy was not in the first one, but still no tool bar.
    Could someone please help?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    kkken Guest

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    candoo Guest

    Default Re: No Junk Mail Toolbar

    If you mean the right click on the tool bar of OE trick, I tried that.

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    Default Re: No Junk Mail Toolbar

    Have you tried right clicking on the taskbar and seeing if it comes up as a selection?
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    candoo Guest

    Default Re: No Junk Mail Toolbar

    Yes, There is nothing for junk mail there.
    Should "AddinMon.exe" be running in my task manager?

    Should there be MailBuddy running

    Also, my mailsafe protection IN and OUT does not work.

    My Id Lock only works on the web, not in email. Maybe my settings in OE are affecting something.

    Mantispam.exe is running in Task Manager though. Which files do you have running in your task manager
    are needed

    to run
    email security in ZASS
    ? In your ZA file directory do have a Mailbuddy exe file? All I have is a txt and a log file.

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    Default Re: No Junk Mail Toolbar

    What kind of uninstall did you perform? You might have some corrupted files from the initial installation,particularly if you upgraded from a previous version of zonealarm. Try totally removing every trace of the program from your computer by following the instructions at the following link.

    remember to perform file deletions in safe mode. Then reinstall the product

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    candoo Guest

    Default Re: No Junk Mail Toolbar

    I did the uninstall and reinstall your way, and still no junk mail filter.I guess I wasn't meant to have a junk mail filter.
    for the info anyway.

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    Default Re: No Junk Mail Toolbar

    Sorry you are having such a bad time of it. Have you tried working the problem from the other end ?--- Re-installing the Outlook Express program or contacting their tech support? The tech support page for Zonelabs is...

    In the meanwhile you don't have to be without a spam filter. You can download this free filter..Frontgate MX which is not a bad substitute for the Zonelab filter, at least temporarily.

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    candoo Guest

    Default Re: No Junk Mail Toolbar

    Hi Ledoc

    Thanks for the info. That software you mentioned Frontgate seemed good, so I

    downloaded it.
    I installed it , and it would not recognize my email client.

    So I read the troubleshooting guide and it seems it's not compatible with SSL encrypted

    servers. Maybe ZASS isn't either.

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    candoo Guest

    Default Re: No Junk Mail Toolbar

    I have a question for someone
    who uses ZASS and Outlook Express.

    What do
    get when
    OE is running and you click,


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