I'm quite satisfied with the performance of Zone Alarm suite 6 in general, but the mail plugin won't do any good.

I have found plenty of threads where the plugin does'nt load at all, byt my problem is different.

The plugin loads. And if I manually select a spam message and hit the junk-button, the message will be moved to the junk folder and later deleted according to my preferences.

However, recently the automatic filtering just gave up. The mailplugin won't actually filter, so I have to go through all messages and manually junk the spam (still using Zone Alarm to do it).

I cannot connect this change of behaviour to any other changes, lika installing other programs. I have tried to make a clean install av Zone Alarm, but to no avail.

My setup is Zone Alarm Security Suite 6.1.744 and Outlook 2003 on a Windows XP Pro SP2 computer. Both the os and Outlook is swedish versions, but unlike what I have read elsewhere in this forum the anti-spam functions was actually working perfect until just recently, despite the swedish versions of the surrounding programs.

Would much appreciate any help!

// Alfred

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.1