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    I want to use the web filtering to block certain categories. However if I find a site which I would like to be allowed can I allow it by adding it to a white list?

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    Unfortunately not the web filters are a 3rd party feature licensed from Blue Coat. This is from the ZASS help file:<BLOCKQUOTE dir=ltr style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px"><P class=pBody>When your browser is pointed to a Web site or other Web-based content, ZoneAlarm Security Suite contacts <EM class=cEmphasis>Blue Coat[/i] Parental Control servers to see how that site or content has been categorized. If the site your browser is trying to reach has been placed by Blue Coat in a category you have decided to block, access to the site is denied. This process normally takes less than a second. A Parental Control Violation page is displayed, explaining why the site was blocked. If you disagree with a site categorization, you can request a reevaluation of the site by clicking a link in the Filtering Violation page that appears when the site is blocked. </BLOCKQUOTE><P class=pBody dir=ltr>I hope this helps, take care.

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