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Thread: What Happened to all the Spam?

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    Default What Happened to all the Spam?

    For the last two months my spam
    has gone from about 12 items per day to one on two. Its definitely not the Zonealarm filter because I have been checking mail at the server site . I have Comcast cable as my internet provider. Anyone else with Comcast notice a drastic reduction in spam lately?

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: What Happened to all the Spam?

    it probably is on Comcast's side,I know they were supposedly improving their spam filtration,looks like they may have accomplished that.I also use another ISP,I wish they would do the same,with them I get other peoples emails,of course its spam,but my filters on my email client deletes these right away,I only see them sent to my portable device.

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    Default Re: What Happened to all the Spam?

    Well if Comcast has actually gotten it right I hope the spammers don't catch up with another way around the filters because I'm enjoying this almost spam free existence.

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    michaline Guest

    Default Re: What Happened to all the Spam?

    Am using ZL Internet Security with anti-spam. It seems to filter out about 90% of the spam but all those stock recommendation spams keep on coming through. Can ZL get a handle on these to stop the stock spams?

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