Does someone know if a ZASS - "Expert rule"
will block a specific email from downloading if I
define an expert rule to block an IP domain? Example: - (China).
There are hundreds of sub-domains from China being used to spam world wide... I use Outlook 2002. The closest I can get using any spam filter is the offending domain.( - Example only! There are hundreds of these sub-domains and others from "Asia Pacific", Korea, Tehran, Netherlands etc. Getting these one Sub-domain at a time isn't cutting it... The latest filter buster scheme has dropped the disconnected words in the subject line and are now using "news clips". I get 98% of these but some using my exact email address and addressed specificaly to me alone get through. ( I use a spam filter and my own custom rules in outlook) I discovered 3 unique email signatures that are 100% linked to spam. The only exception is one email addressed only
to me specifically!
Blocking 1 email address is useless. Blocking an offending domain is only about 50% effective (they roll around to non US domains) I guess they don't like US Law...
Can "Expert rules" filter
the E-mail header of a downloading email stream in a client such as Outlook 2002?