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Thread: Mail Protection not loading

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    camilo Guest

    Default Mail Protection not loading

    Hey guys,

    I read a few posts down and I saw that there was a string of posts on how the protection was off in the ZA control panel but it kept protecting in outlook. I am having the exact opposite problem. All the setting in the ZA control panel point towards it being on, and there is no evidence of it doing anything during outlook. Now here's the kicker. When I originally installed the security suite, everything was working fine. I was even getting the splash screen and everthing. It even created the two ZA folders and it added the ZA toolbar. Then all of a sudden, it stopped loading. I changed nothing in the control panel (at least I think I didn't). If anybody has an idea on what's going on, let me know.



    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    aysee Guest

    Default Re: Mail Protection not loading

    I am having the exact same problem. ZoneAlarm ISS 2006 is running fine, but not MailSafe. The folders exist for me, but the ZoneAlarm toolbar isn't available, and MailSafe isn't filtering my email.

    I suspect MailSafe didn't get installed properly. Anyone know of a way of reinstalling only MailSafe on top of an active, registered copy of ZA ISS 2006?

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    geoffe Guest

    Default Re: Mail Protection not loading

    Same problem. It was fine then it stopped scanning toolbar, etc. I reinstalled ZAAS to no avail. Is there somethin gin Outlook that needs changing??


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    anntics Guest

    Default Re: Mail Protection not loading


    I have had the same problem. I found this on the mailfrontier website It worked for me.

    Outlook 2002/2003 (XP)

    Open Outlook.

    Click on Help and select 'About Microsoft Outlook'.

    Click on the 'Disabled Items' button. If Mailbuddy Outlook Add-in is listed, highlight it and click Enable .

    Restart Outlook.

    Please proceed with the steps below even if you do not find anything in the 'Disabled Items' list.

    In Outlook select 'Tools'.
    Select 'Options'.
    Click on 'Other' tab.
    Click on 'Advanced Options'.
    Select COM Add-ins' button.
    Verify the 'MailBuddy Outlook Addin' is checked.
    If not checked, check the box and restart Outlook.

    I hope this helps


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    aysee Guest

    Default Re: Mail Protection not loading

    Excellent! Thanks for the info Ann. That fixed it for me. I had tried only doing the second step before (I didn't know about the first part), but that hadn't worked. I guess enabling it via the 'About Outlook' window was critical.

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