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Thread: ZAPro Spyware Scan problem with Kapersky 6.0

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    telovne Guest

    Default ZAPro Spyware Scan problem with Kapersky 6.0

    I have just removed Norton Internet Security 2006 from my computer (big relief to getrid of that!)and chosen instead the above programs as replacements for myFirewall and Anti-Virus programs. Naturally I want them to work well together as I have heard good reviews of both products. ZAPro for best Firewall & Kapersky for best Anti-Virus.So, I have just installed Zone Alarm Pro and Kapersky 6.0 on to my new computer.However, I have found that Zone Alarm Pro immediately crashes my computer (hard reset) if itruns a Spyware Scan while Kapersky 6.0 Anti-Virus is loaded.If I disable Kapersky 6.0 Anti-Virus the Zone Alarm Pro Spyware Scan, it runs OK.Also,after it crashes the computer, the Spyware utility of Zone Alarm Pro apprears to become corrupted, (ie. itgives an error if update is selected). Only uninstalling and reinstalling ZAPro seems to fix that.As it is easy to forget to terminate Kapersky Anti-Virus prior to running Zone Alarm Pro's Spyware utility, this is a major problem.Wondered ifanyone else experienced this?Is there a solution so I can run both these programs at the same time?Regards,Howard

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    unhappy_viewer Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro Spyware Scan problem with Kapersky 6.0

    Now that you mentioned it, I am getting BSoD when KAV 6 is on (sorry I didn't notice this earlier as I rarely run spyware scans on my computer as I am a careful user and since everytime I run them, I get no spyware detected).

    I think the problem has something to do with aceessing and writing the memory. KAV's processes being in the memory prevents the spyware scanning module for properly loaded into the memory and getting corrputed, causing a BSoD.

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    mccolchester Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro Spyware Scan problem with Kapersky 6.0

    same problem.

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    Default Re: ZAPro Spyware Scan problem with Kapersky 6.0

    Kaspersky's latest antivirus program has added features that border on the functions of a firewall. There may be conflicts because of that. Take a look at this post for a better explanation. Your situation seems to be identical to what is being described at the following post.

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    razorsharp Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro Spyware Scan problem with Kapersky 6.0

    Hi Guys.

    Does anyone have any updates on this issue?

    I have ZA Pro 6.5 installed on my machine and it was working hapilly with KAV 6.0. Today, the spyware scan was scheduled for ZA Pro, and when I booted my computer, the ZA Pro spyware scan started which immediately crashed my computer and rebooted. Next re-boot also resulted in the same experience.

    Finally, during the 3rd reboot, I immediately disables KAV first; and then unckecked any scheduling of spyware scans in ZA Pro.

    I'm not sure if ZA Pro team is working on this.



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