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Thread: Junk mail folder-Outlook 2003

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    winyard Guest

    Default Junk mail folder-Outlook 2003

    I use Zone Alarm Security Suite 6.1 and recentlyupgraded toMS Office 2003 onto my PC, I had previously been using Office XP..MS Outlook 2003 which is part of the Office suite contains a folder named "Junk E-mail". The Zone Alarm Security Suite has placed a folder named "Zone Alarm Junk Mail" into the Outlook folder structure. Is there a way of filtering all the Outlook junk mail & the Zone Alarm junk mail into one folder rather than having seperate folders?Thanks.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    Turn off the Outlook junk mail filter and use only the Zonealarm Junkmail filter. This is recommended by Zonelabs

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    raysam Guest

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    I have accidently deleted the Zone Alarm Junk Mail Folder. Where will the junk mail go now and how do I get the folder back. Any help appreciated.


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    You could try turning off then back on the Zonealarm junkmail filter...

    Check the following : open Outlook > click tools > options > other > advanced options > COM add-ins > Mailbuddy Outlook Add-in should have a checkmark, clear this checkmark and click OK to turn off the junkmail filterand lose the junkmail toolbar.Close Outlook and reboot.Now turn on the junkmail filter by putting a check back in the box and click OK. Close Outlook and reboot once moreif it doesn't then check it and click OK. Close Outlook. Reboot and then see if the ZA toolbar and folders areback

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