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Thread: Help!!!! Can't open my excel file-attachments!!!!

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    ramayogi Guest

    Default Help!!!! Can't open my excel file-attachments!!!!

    Hello,i got some attachments to some emails with MS Office Outlook, these are mostly excel-files. Now Zone-alarm did put them in quarantine. On several parts its described how to open them, but sofar....not a change.....this is what happens:I double-click the ZLG file and i get the following: you should only open attachments from a trustworthy source. Would you like to open or save it on your PC? Then i choose for open:It says its quarantined by Zone alarm pro mail safe and:'a shortcut is a programm that causes dammage to your PCfiles. Its strongly recommended that you do not run it.I can choose for Run or save as.Firts of all its no shortcut, but a full attachment of 565 kb. In notepad i can't see it, because its an excelfile.When i want to save only refers as a LNK-file, and no possibility to give it another extension like xls.When i want to open it it says: do you want to excecute the shortcut? Then i press yes.......and nothing happens at all.Please..please...its very can i get the quarantines message back into an excelfile ...i really..really need to open them, because on the other PC they are deleted!Thx for helping me out...Ram))))

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: Help!!!! Can't open my excel file-attachments!!!!

    Not sure why this is happening but here's how to do it.

    In your email program, choose to save the attachment into a folder.

    Go to that folder and do Tools --> Folder Options. Uncheck the box "Hide extensions for known file types", if it is checked.

    Now right-click on the file which has a .ZLG extension and choose Rename.

    Press the right arrow key to remove the highlighting on the filename. Carefully backspace over just the ZLG and change to XLS and then press Enter.

    You will get a warning that renaming the file may stop it from opening - answer Yes.

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